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6 Types of Office Interior Designs Trending in 2021

The sudden digitalization due to the outbreak of Covid-19 has changed everything on this earth. It came with temporary lockdown all over the world. This introduced the concept of “work from home”. There has been a drastic rise in e-commerce too.  But things are changing now. Employees now come to the office and do their regular work there. The working days might be lesser, but the transformation from online to offline is happening.  This shift comes with a concept of office interior design ideas. After such a long break, workplaces must have safe and latest office interior designs. Besides comfort and safety, your office must also include some trendy elements like- texture, aesthetic colors, and sustainability. 

All types of interior design mainly focus on creating a happy and healthy working territory. Keeping these in mind, let us throw some light on 6 Types of Office Interior Designs Trending in 2021. 

Top 6 Types of Office Interior Designs Trending in 2021

  1. A feeling of ‘home’ in the workplace

A flexible and homely work environment inspires people to work happily. The main reason behind this trend is the concept of “work from home.”

Introducing yourself to the office environment after a year is not a piece of cake. This sudden shift implies a loss of interest and concentration in work. 

So if you are planning to give a new look to your office, do keep this point in your mind. As in the end, you want your workers to carry out their specific tasks relaxed. 

This is one of the best office interior design ideas. To create a sense of ‘home’ in your office the designers will present many comfy kinds of stuff. These include comfortable sofas and chairs, soft lighting facilities, residential elements, and likewise. 

Additionally, your office walls are going to have an artistic look too. And yes, this change will benefit you a lot as who knows your employees might spend as much as they want in their workplace. 

  1. Flexible working experience

The latest office interior design trend in India mainly focuses on pod-style layouts where employees and visitors can find separate and quiet space to their tasks.

So if you want your workers to offer an energetic performance, then contact an experienced commercial interior designer right now. Discuss with her the following trends and make your office a better workplace. 

In recent times, employees want more of a private space to do their work. This became their habit after regular practice for one year. This personal space is also required to have separate pod areas.

  1. Aesthetic pastel colors

Pastel colors are always preferred before anything for their eye-soothing nature. All the corporate office interior design ideas include a mixture of lighter shades. This combination contains a touch of greens, grays, and neutrals. 

The blend of light wood with some addition of brighter colors is a fantastic trend. The Wooden look on the walls and pop-up stains on the flooring perfectly matches an office environment. Besides walls and flooring, colored furnishings are also preferred for some other types of surroundings.  

Colors can even create illusions. Only the most outstanding interior designers can work so strategically. The whole outlook of your company depends on your choice of colors. Lastly, the Pastel colors create an illusion of more space, and this is a very nice feature.

  1. Natural lighting

Adaptations of natural lighting are one of the essential types of office interior designs. Hence construct more windows to allow a vast amount of sunlight to enter your office. This spreads positivity among the employees. 

However, if you don’t have enough openings in your workplace, consider the following options:-

  • Use of diffused light.
  • Infuse artificial lighting that looks the same as natural lighting.
  • Protect the workplace against sun glare by planting shrubs on your windows.

For having a better lighting experience, ask your designers to give a matte outlook on the flooring and walls. This feature provides a non-reflective look to the environment and thus looks very attractive. 

  1. Greener and sustainable office designs

Many office interior design ideas come with live walls. This means the presence of living plants like succulents and shrubs on the walls. Indeed, it promotes greenery and a sophisticated look at the same time.

Most offices don’t have enough openings to the outer world, thus keeping plants in the interior fulfills that blank. Greenery in an office environment serves as an accessory to the whole setup. 

Lastly, the Research says that a green work environment helps workers to stay away from work stress. It provides calmness to your mind and eyes. Plants which the designers prefer are:-

  • Peach Lily.
  • Colorful succulents.
  • Snake plants.
  • Spider plants.
  • English ivy.
  1. Acoustics

A sound cancellation eco-system is very much needed in an office. Indeed, you need to contact an office interior design service provider for this. They have a brief knowledge about the latest invention of noise cancellation office products. They also complement the interior office outlook at the same time. 

To know more about choosing the best office interior design service provider, click here.

Most of the furnishings, wall coverings, floorings, and likewise are less acoustic. Some of these are:-

  • Engineered Hardwood for flooring.
  • 100% soundproof glass for windows.
  • Lounge chairs and couches.
  • Greener environment.
  • Wall partitions.
  • Acoustic free ceilings.


These are the 6 Types of Office Interior Designs Trending in 2021. All the designs will make your workplace look classy and formal. Such latest trends have many benefits which are already covered in this article. Hope you liked it. 

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