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Give vibrant look to your interior and live the way you deserve


We are the best Interior Designer since 1990

Our smooth and ultra-modern interior can make every inch of space countable and make the best use of it. We can transform your unused spaces into the lovable one-keeping theme as per your choice.


Understanding the client’s ideas and purpose


Preparing design plan layout that reflects style and creativity


Final execution of the work including complete end-to-end support


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Two decades of experience have given us the opportunity to work with happy customers on countless projects.


The very first step towards the completion of a successful project.


This step lets your imagination and creative idea turn into reality.


Final touch up or brush up the interior as per client’s requirement.





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Is it worth hiring an interior designer?

If you really want to make your house look unique and stunning, hiring an interior designer would be the best step for you. Hiring an interior designer might cost you little money in the beginning phase of the project, but what you receive in return is the house of your dream.

Hiring these experts will let you relax on your couch, as they can ensure proper communication between your house constructer, builder, and other persons involved in the project. Their combined effort can help avoid big mistakes.

For more benefits of hiring an interior designer, check out this blog post.

How do interior designers charge for their services?

There are various methods for deciding the cost of a complete interior design project. Mostly, it depends upon the factors such as project scope, time availability, plot size, and so on.

However, there are three standard approaches for estimation of the final cost:

  • ft. Area Basis: Based on the overall area of the site, interior designers estimate the cost on a sq. ft. basis. They offer two options. In the first one, they include the design fees only while excluding all other expenses. In the second option, they bear all the expenses required from beginning to finalization of the project.
  • Fixed Contract: Based on the plot size, the time required, and other modifications, interior designers offer a fixed cost that includes everything from design fees to material cost & machinery cost.
  • Hourly Basis: Per-hour charges are offered by the interior designers that may or may not include every small expense.

For more details about the charges, you may arrange a call-back request here.

What is the process of new home interior design?

We use a 4-step formula to design the interior for any residential property. These steps are:

Programming Phase: All the meetings understanding the client’s requirements such as their desired design, preferences and ideas, likes or dislikes, etc. sums up the programming phase.

Design Progress Phase: After getting to know the client’s preferences, interior designers begin their work and plot out the layouts in 2D & 3D shapes to make them look more realistic.

Revision & Modification Phase: Sometimes clients come up with a few doubts. The designer is an expert take care of these and provide the updated plan.

Approval Phase: After everything gets clear from the owner’s side, interior designers seek final approval on the plan so that they can start turning those ideas into reality.

How do interior designers help your home look elegant?

They are the true artists for your homes. With their creative thinking, they can offer unimaginable designs that help your complete house look elegant and appealing.

Additionally, they get in touch with the site contractor and builder and maintain proper communication with them. This way, they ensure that everything goes right and you can have your dream house ready within few months.

Where can I get the best & affordable interior designer in Delhi-NCR?

These days, newcomers are coming into the market claiming themselves as experts of interior design. But, what they lack is the proper practice and creative thinking ability to understand any project deeply.

If you’ve got tired of communicating with such unprofessional, we’ve got something amazing for you.

We at menatworkdesign claim to be the expert team of professional individuals who’ve got mastery in their respective fields. In our 20 years of experience, we’ve come across thousands of projects and successfully completed over 150 projects across the Delhi-NCR region.

You can get to know more about us and our projects here.

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Manvinder Singh

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About Men at Work Design

Best home Interior Designer in Delhi NCR

Hiring professionals eliminate the fear of mistakes and let you enjoy the incredible magic and creativity of the designers. Menatworkdesign have long been (20+ years) in the business of creating an engaging atmosphere for home, apartments, and villas. Our services include interior design for Bedrooms, Drawing rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Study rooms, Playing rooms, and Reception. With time, we have mastered the formula of understanding customer’s requirements and helped them to own the home they deserve.

Why Choose Us?

Get experts hand in decorating your most valuable asset. We feel proud to render our end-to-end home interior design service while letting you relax on your couch.

Great Design Perfections

Experience combined with skill give rise to a creative mind possessing hundreds of design options.

Stunning Architect

Make people turn their heads by merely looking at your stunning interior designed by professional designers.

Best Clients Support

Starting from concept, design, and build, our design team will get you to cover every aspect of the project.

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