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Latest Office/Commercial space Interior Concepts/Design in 2021



One of the most important things that disturb the employees’ concentration level is noises arising from outside or from cafeterias. To get rid of such problems, modern employers are considering the inclusion of “Acoustic Panels” that reduces noise from the outside world. Apart from this, open-spaced designs also prevail in the market, which helps employees feel comfortable and allows a free flow of air inside the office premises.


Bringing the outdoors inside is more important now than ever. With so much uncertainty surrounding employees, it is important to keep morale up. Countless studies have shown that nature can have a huge impact on an individual’s mood, so giving employees lots of greenery in their office to take care of will boost morale, productivity and even allow for a fresher atmosphere with more oxygen flowing through space. People are more conscious than ever about their impact on the environment, and pressure is mounting on businesses to have a more environmentally friendly ethos including within their office interior design choices. With this in mind, we feel that greener office design, including using more sustainable materials as well as incorporating elements that encourage sustainability within the workplace will be a huge office interior design trend in 2021.


Post Covid19, with more of an emphasis being placed on flexible working, the workspaces for employees will need to reflect this. Over the past year, there has been a gradual shift towards flexible working as demand for flexible working policies increased due to covid19, yet employers remained hesitant to introduce them into their office interior design. However, the past year has shown that people can work effectively whilst working flexibly. It is evident that a good balance should be reached when introducing flexible working arrangements, and your office interior design space will need to reflect this also. We certainly think that this trend will be a priority for most businesses in the coming months.


For those who got used to working from home, returning to working within the office can be rather daunting. To allow for an easier transition back to the office we think a popular office interior design trend will be spaced specifically designed for relaxation and other forms of breakout spaces throughout the office, particularly once the restrictions that have been introduced in 2020 are a thing of the past. Adding in fun seating such as beanbags and suspended chairs creates a more relaxed atmosphere, which will help with transitioning back to life within the office. Since the past year has been riddled with uncertainty, causing many to feel overwhelmed and stressed, then providing spaces for people to relax or have fun is certainly recommended. Many struggles with a work/life balance and offering breakout spaces enable them to have some much-needed downtime.


In addition to adapting the workspace to accommodate for flexible working and adding in breakout spaces, we’re predicting that large open spaces will be a huge trend in terms of commercial office interior design trends in 2021. With many having been crammed within their own homes in recent months, limited to how much time they can spend outdoors and often with little workspace around them, it will soon become vital that the office interior space should offer the opposite. With large open spaces, high ceilings, and as previously mentioned, breakout spaces. Alongside this, we see floor to ceiling windows being a huge trend in office design in 2021. Large windows allow as much natural light to flow through the office space as possible. Natural light is a great way to boost the morale and productivity of your employees. Fluorescent lighting has often been noted to have detrimental effects on an employee’s ability to work, harsh lighting can cause glare on screens as well as eye strain. To counter this glass wall partitions will prove popular, to enable natural light to flow through the office.


This is a trend in which we have seen exponential growth in office interior design in recent months, and only assume it will grow even more so in 2021. Whilst solid office partitions can be considered dated, glass partitions allow for an open office plan with measures in place to ensure the safety of staff. In addition to this, glass is also easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for partitioning the office space without segregating the team from one another. These glass partitions do not compromise the existing layout and design of an office, allowing for light to flow through space and doesn’t clash with the existing interior.


After such a hectic year, whilst we predicted the return of bold colours to the office in the year 2020, for 2021 we think that more neutral and calm colour palettes will be favoured when choosing how to decorate the office interior space. To allow for a more relaxed atmosphere, calming colour choices are a must. Some are hesitant to make this choice through fear of losing the company’s identity, and to counter this we think that the addition of minimalist accents of bold colour throughout the workspace to maintain the company’s branding is the perfect solution. This may be through the use of coloured desk chairs, bold soft furnishings, or bright artwork.


The final trend we are predicting for 2021 is a return to minimalism in office interior design. With an emphasis on complying with current regulations, office spaces should be free from clutter. This will result in high demand for bespoke fitted storage solutions to maintain a tidy and easy to clean workspace. In addition to this, minimalist furniture is likely to be popular, with an emphasis on functionality and the ability for it to be easily cleaned, thus allowing for flexible working spaces and hot-desking.

If you want to get this latest interior design trend for your house/office do lets us know as we believe that every design needs to cater to the usefulness and comfort of every single user, be it a bottom-line employee or the head of the company. Our brainstorming sessions help us outline the latest multiple design possibilities which further enable us in creating a dynamic work environment.
Due to in-house design expertise, and seamless communication between the Design Studio and the Build Team, the concepts, and designs created for clients are matched to the design during fabrication and installed at the Project site.
True enough, we are a group of curious souls. We come to this work from a myriad of different directions – both geographical, educational, and philosophical – yet we all hold dear the idea that asking questions and then sitting back and listening to one another is where the magic is synthesized. Graduates from leading architectural, interior design, and engineering schools create the magic together.

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